Radio Airplay Subscription


Radio Airplay Subscription

from 25.00 every month

Thank you for your interest in submitting a demo to HUSH Media Networks.

Preferred Music Genres:

Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Pop, Country, Alternative, Gospel, Reggae

Guaranteed Listen & Play

HUSH Media requires a submission fee of $25. When you pay this fee, Amada Records guarantees that an A&R and radio DJ will actually play your song(s).

Launch Campaign

Amada Records has partnered with HUSH! Media Networks (Owner & Operator of 40 Radio Stations Nationwide) to offer airplay to upcoming recording artists and businesses looking to be heard on credible radio stations in the USA. This opportunity is available to talented recording artists and businesses looking to advertise their 15-30 second commercial. In order to redeem your radio campaign, you’ll need to purchase this plan. Follow the steps below to unlock your 30 day airplay campaign courtesy of HUSH Media Networks.


  1. Click Launch Campaign.

  2. Submit Form, Artist/Business Name, Track & Clean MP3.

  3. Businesses Submit 15-30 Second Commercials Only.

  4. Programmers Choose The Station That Best Fits Your Target.

  5. All Campaigns Will Launch 3-5 business days after purchase..

Participating Stations:


  • MUSICIANS: Radio Airplay Campaign: 30 Days

  • This Promotion Is Available For A Limited Time Only

  • BUSINESSES: Radio Ad Campaign OR Banner Placement

  • Only 1 Song or Ad Commercial Per $25 Plan.

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