Premium Distribution (Album)


Premium Distribution (Album)

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Amada Records is a premier record label underneath the EAE Management Group umbrella and is distributed independently. Amada Records services over 5,000 clients yearly and manages over 40,000 social media profiles. Providing services which range from brand development to physical music distribution, Amada Records delivers signature turn-key solutions for any artist. Amada Records offers an exclusive in-house revenue-based distribution formula, which enables artists to generate sales and exposure of their artistic work without entering into a 360 deal. When signing your project to Amada Records, artists immediately receive a staff that assists with promotion.

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Your music through the same channels as 
Sean Kingston, Lauryn Hill, Chris Brown, Maroon 5, The Marley’s, Wyclef and other megastars! 
UNLIMITED UPLOADS with the world’s largest digital music distribution channel. It’s that simple!

What Do You Receive? 

The featured artist receives 50% percentage of net revenues from the projects distributed. Amada Records distributes payments monthly. Consumers will have the option to purchase the distributed album direct from Amada Records’ platform for $20.00. Amada Records has partnered with HUSH Media, Universal Music Group Distribution & Other radio networks to offer free airplay and pr for those who purchase the distributed albums EXCLUSIVELY on our website.  The radio networks target over 20,000 indie artists/businesses per week and the pricing structure enables bulk 'album' purchasing from the targeted demographic. The engineered genius logic is any indie artist or business will spend "$20.00" to receive 30 or in some cases 365 days of radio airplay & social media promotion from real live celebrities/djs. 

The featured artist campaign positions itself into a win-win scenario. The consumer receives a no-brainer deal and the featured artist reaps massive financial benefits. Amada Records’ is pleased to announce and launch this ground-breaking blueprint for the indie nation & small business community!  The featured artist must promote their designated campaign daily via Social Media and on all other platforms. Daily posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all other platforms are mandatory in order to receive the net payout quarterly. The featured artist is mandated to physically promote the project at any and all public related events.

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