WASHINGTON, D.C. – When you hear Nanoon’s music, the first thing he wants you to realize is that he’s an artist … a chill, laid-back artist. Once you realize that, the rest of the journey will be easy listening, he said.  The Washington, D.C.-based hip-hop artist has recently released a new EP called “Purple Octopuses,” and he’s currently in New York trying to expand his reach while sharing this new EP with the world. Like much of his music, this EP is one that he said will put a smile on peoples’ faces when they hear it.  “I want people to be relaxed when they listen to my music,” Nanoon said. “I want them to feel like they can sit at the bar and listen to my music and zone our and calm down. Being a music listener, I know it’s about how you feel. I know that when you turn on a song you want it to express how you feel. A lot of songs today don’t do that anymore. That’s why I want my music to put a smile on peoples’ faces and to make them feel like I’m going through some of the same things they’re going through, and take the game to a whole different level. I think music can be deep and influential like that. It can relate emotionally what you’re going through.”  Nanoon said he takes a lot of his experiences and emotions and puts them into lyrics on his phone – using both audio notes and the notepad to perfect his flows and experiment with different thoughts and rhymes.  The signature single off “Purple Octopuses” is a perfect example. Nanoon music considers to be a bit of a statement piece about his place in the world and the mark he wants to leave as a musician.  “It’s a song that says I’m legit,” he said. “I’m young and I’m pushing all this paper. It has a catchy hook that people can connect to, and it’s upbeat. All my songs are upbeat and keep you going and keep your attention.”  So far the single has garnered Nanoon some good reviews among DJs and radios stations along the East Coast. So much so that the second single off the EP, “If You Want It,” debuted well and has already received thousands of plays on his Soundcloud page and received some radio play.  Nanoon said he tries to record a new song every two weeks, and hopes to continue to pump out singles for his fans as he works toward an album that he’ll release later this year. He currently has a library of about 15 songs on Soundcloud for people to check out at any time.  Fans can follow Nanoon on Twitter @dukehov.
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