Born and raised in Chicago, Jason Ivy is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, with a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Linguistics. As a multitalented musician and recording artist, Jason combines his formal training with veteran vocal coach Dr. Lena McLin and his time in the Soul Children of Chicago (among other groups), with his love of music and its ability to tell a story, send a message, express feeling, and unite myriad people all at once. Mr. Ivy takes influence from the Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Alt Rock, and “Lo-fi” music genres, to bring us a fresh perspective on music.   About the EP and Cover Art:   CØMPLIMENTS is the first EP project from new Neo Soul / R&B artist Jason Ivy. Each icon represents one of the six songs from the project. In order, they are: Hate (the spiteful message and angered posture of the astronaut), Foreign (the astronaut itself), Higher (the rocket), Chlorophyll (the sunflowers), Ivy (the ivy leaves), and Pyre (the woman with the burning heart).  The concept behind both the EP and the cover art is that these are all separate concepts that function as a whole, all mostly contained within this jar. Each of the songs addresses the state of the jar — being emotionally empty or filled — which doubles as a graphic metaphor for the state of the narrator’s own emotions.  The narrator is visibly angry as they take on a role outside of all of these events — a foreigner to their own emotions, and to a space where they should belong. A second catalyst for the narrator’s anger is that all of these songs have come to life and are escaping in a larger than life format, over which they have no control. In the end, it seems the narrator is along for the ride just as much as the audience is.   Featured Single   The single “Higher” was inspired by a late summer hangout with Jason Ivy and friends. It was the first time that all of them had gotten together, but it was so late in the season that it would likely also be the last time. Of course, among his friends happened to be a girl that he liked at the time, so Jason ran with the idea of unrealized love interests and coupled it with cool summer vibes. Those themes were transformed into a unique love song that examines the feelings of a confident young man at the start of a blossoming relationship.“Higher” features thoughtful, brooding lyrics with lines that cascade effortlessly from one to the next, and silky smooth vocals crooned over old school cool 80’s production.   CØMPLIMENTS (read: Empty Compliments)    Artist: Jason Ivy    Release Date: 2.09.19 | Pre-order Date: 2.01.19
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