Poised to impact the reggae world. Ibru's versatility has him positioned to impact both the dancehall and reggae scenes with his catchy but positive lyrics. Ibru loves being different and unique as his journey in reggae is from an unusual path. Ibru's humble beginnings and love for music started in the rural settings of South Andros Island in the Bahamas. Where he grew up mostly with his grand-mother. His humble beginnings have given him the down to earth and realest character. The realness in Ibru can be heard in his lyrics. Since 2011, Ibru's pursuit of his dream as a reggae artist took him to the city of Kingston Jamaica, the capital of reggae. He felt that to truly be successful in the genre, he must learn from and work with the best in the reggae industry. Ibru have worked with some prominent engineers and producers in Jamaica as he continued to improve his craft.  Ibru was first known as Artiste Hebrew before changing his name to Ibru. In 2011, he released his first major single called "Stand". The song is a conscious song that talked about standing your ground and defending what you believe in. The song is still available on ITunes and other online platforms. In the last year Ibru has released three singles. The first single “My Life” which gives the listener a glimpse of Ibru's beginning struggles, but highlights his will to succeed.  The video for the single "My Life" premiered on the  topshelfreggae.com  website. Editor Kristy Rose from Top Shelf Reggae stated, "Juxtaposing colorful landscapes of his home country with black-and-white studio sessions, Ibru implies that although his childhood was limited, it was not without worth." The song received international attention and radio airplay, drawing the attention of reggae fans all over the world. Ibru, then released a second and third single, called "She Nah Leave Mi" and "Apologize" which both made great impact and strides in the reggae world. These singles have built high anticipation for things to come. This artist is nothing but excitement, so look out for this artist as he climbs the charts in 2018! EPK link:  https://ibrumusic.com/press-kit
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