CuttBoy G-Dinero grew up in the projects of New Orleans and at the young age of 4 he taught himself how to play a five piece drum set. Not too many young children find their direction that early in life. In the long run this talent would provide him with lucrative endeavors, while becoming established and defined as an accomplished and consummate track producer / musician. As his maturation grew and the years passed, he released his first album in 2009 that shook the streets of New Orleans. G-Dinero released another album that same year and formed his own production company. This power move secured instant radio rotation as a springboard for shows promoting nationally recognized artists in New Orleans. Every one in life is bound to take that detour off the original path in order to encounter the light amidst all the darkness. G’s realistic dream for stardom was interrupted. He was sentenced to prison and while serving his time he focused on perfecting his writing and the business side of the music industry. When the chips were down at the deepest depth, G-Dinero remained disciplined in his heart and love for his craft. Motivated, focused and resourceful fit his description to a T.    In 2005, shortly after his release, G-Dinero relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta, he immediately gained recognition on Atlanta’s top radio stations, V103 and Hot 107.9, with songs like “In My State” featuring DSGB. Another G-Dinero dirty south classic is “That’s Gangsta Dogg” featuring Bun B (UGK). Within that same year, life abruptly changed for G-Dinero. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and members of his family perished, followed three months later by the death of his sister. Whoever said, “when it rains it pours” wasn’t joking. Engulfed in despair and difficult times after suffering such an insurmountable personal loss, G again rose up above the pain and tragedy to conquer the odds. In 2006, at The Urban Media Film Festival Video Awards, G-Dinero displayed a soldier’s heart as he graciously won Best Independent Video for “Waiting Fa Ma Season”, directed by Gabriel Hart. 
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