Faided , born Demetrius Hawthorne, on May 20, 1987 in Hollywood, California, welcomes brilliance and creativity to say the least. Being a Taurus may hold some influence however it could just be his natural inclination for progression. He began writing music and rapping at the young age of 8 eventually producing at 15 years old. Using marijuana as a coping mechanism to the stresses of life, he began smoking excessively eventually nicknaming himself “Faided” in reference to how he feels as a smoker on the regular. Following graduation from high school in 2005, his first born was conceived which naturally pushed him to seek full time work. Unfortunately, the income earned wasn’t enough leading him to sell narcotics on the side to provide for his family. Later arrested for drug possession, he realized music was the only alternative. From there, the National and International American Rapper and Producer “Faided” was manifested.  Widely known for his collaborations with artists such as Project Pat, Juicy J, Crunchy Black, Berner, Cousin Fik, Slim 400, The Game, B.G. Knoccout (Eazy-E’s Protégé – 2011), Big Dota, Loesta, Big2DaBoy, Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound, Tiny Kurupt of G-Hood, Sylk E. Fyne, Slip Capone, Streetzaria, Mac Lucci of Hustle Boyz, Big Fase 100, Glasses Malone, Deuce Mac of Young Gians, The Legendary King T, Eazy E3, Yung Eazy, Lil Eazy E, C-Bo, Joe Smith AKA Joe Beast (formerly of the LA Lakers), Philly Freeway, Sly Boogie, Bo Roc of the Dove Shack, Kokane just to name of few.  Expanding his position of versatility, he also set out to work on Mixtape projects such as "Ruthless Memories" Vol. 2 (2012) an Eazy-E Tribute, "The Green Line" (2012), "Bang Bang Muzic" Vol. 1 (2012)/"Bang Bang Muzic" Vol. 2 (2013) by Big Doty, "Street Certified 2" (2013) by Streetzaria, "Born Again" (2013) by YG Mook, "TruThousand 12" (2012) by King Scratch, "L.A. 2 the Bay" (2013) by Ric Hard and even managed to produce the theme song for the show "OnDaGrindTV" (2012).    Not long after his successful journey as a producer, Faided felt inspired to grace the music scene with an original album of his own. Hosted by the legendary Freeway Rick Ross, 2013 marked the year’s release of   “Freeway Rick Ross Presents: Faided on the Beat  ”. Among the few who finessed the album were artists such as the legendary rapper Kokane, Philly Freeway, Mac Lucci, Big Doty, C-Bo, Glasses Malone, Eazy E-3, who all in combination with his original classic West Coast sound, massively opened up a new lane for both his lyrical and musical production mastery as a whole.  Since then, two songs from the album, “I’m From the West Coast” and “Hood Party G-Mix” were featured on Big Percy’s (of Serious Pimp Records also known to many as West Coast’s icon, Snoop Dogg’s manager) compilation album “Don’t Watch Me Watch the Movies I Make” (2013). The album has since been streamed and downloaded from 15 countries worldwide and continues to reach the masses on a global scale.  Meanwhile, Faided continues to advance into his destined position of achievements in more ways than one, even just recently claiming acknowledgement via the Hood Star Magazine Awards winning by a unanimous decision, the title “Producer of the Year, 2016”.  His highly anticipated album   “Get Faided”   released shortly thereafter containing a genuine, authentic and classic sound produced with such a level of exclusivity and originality followed by a clever artistic and lyrical flow coming from none other than the man himself. Stay tuned as he builds his legacy with of course the assistance of his dedicated support team and love from his sincere and loyal fans.
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