This two-time Global Music Award winner, prolific songwriter, vocalist and producer, recently recorded his third album. “Don’t call me junior,” includes two tracks co-written and co-produced with mega music producer Damon Elliott.  Dondi was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, and in 2016 had his first single “Give me your love,” reach #32 on the AC/Top 200 FMQB Charts. His 2017 album release, “Imagine that” produced two more AC/ Top 200 singles. “Enough for two” and the title track itself “Imagine that”, reached #44 and #43 respectively, on the FMQB.  As a very seasoned performer and experienced vocalist, he has worked venues from Madison Square Garden to our nations White house. Dondi possesses an extremely strong stage presence, and the ability to put a large crowd in the palm of his hands. He is legendary in and around the Philadelphia region.  Dondi’s songs have an unmistakable old- school groove, with contemporary elements and lyrics that are relevant to the times we live in. This is his niche. It is how he hears things. Being a live performer by nature and trade, he writes and produces his music with a live audience in mind.
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