1 Track Music License | DJ Snow White - Red Devil (Hosted By Redman)

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1 Track Music License | DJ Snow White - Red Devil (Hosted By Redman)


Original Release Date: August 30th, 2019

  • Label: Amada Records

  • Copyright: ℗© 2019 Amada Records


What do you receive during this licensing opportunity and placement?

Predicted Platinum Records / Amada Records will license your song for a 5% royalty paid to the contributing artist. The featured album will be Hosted By DJ Snow White & Hip Hop Recording Artist Redman. This Album Is Signed Under Predicted Platinum Records / Amada Records.

Predicted Platinum Records Will Release & Distribute The Album On iTunes, Amazon & Spotify. Over 500+ Media Outlets Including NBC, ABC, FOX News, HUSH Weekly, CBS Local, & Yahoo Entertainment Will Premier The Album. The album release will have its own 1 hour spotlight on multiple radio stations every day for 60 days (View Stations Here). 

This campaign includes airplay, magazine features & social media promotion • Genres Accepted: Hip Hop, Reggae, Hip Hop Rock

To submit for this opportunity, click SUBMIT and fill out the form.

Artist Requirements:

  • Professionally Written Biography & High Resolution Pictures

  • Social Media Profile(s)

  • Mixed & Mastered Song (Industry Quality)

  • MP3/WAV Clean Version & Explicit Tracks Accepted

  • Artists who sell over 100+ albums after release, receive immediate recording contract.

NOTE: If your song is not accepted, you'll be immediately refunded.

Benefits From Submitting To This Album Include:

  • Earn 5% Royalty off $10 NET album (1 Year Term)

  • Radio Airplay & PR

  • Celebrity Video Shoutout

  • Access To Other Music Licensing Opps

  • Access To Collabs With Corporate Sponsors

  • When The Project Succeeds, Your Song Succeeds.

  • Tracklist Will Only Feature 10 Tracks For Maximum Exposure

For those who do not understand how royalties work, you will receive 5% ($0.50 per album sale). If the album sells 10,000 copies, contributing artist will receive a $5,000 payout. The contributing artist will determine how they’re paid.

Previous Releases:

  • "Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica" Peaks at #1 on Billboard Charts - Stream Here

  • “The DJ Grid Project, Volume 1” Peaks at #7 On iTunes Charts - Stream Here

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