The Daily Music Review


The Daily Music Review


Do you or your band have a new album/single release? The DJ Grid Network will review your music and post it on their blog under the "MUSIC" section which is featured on the home page (  One bds monitored radio station will also post the review on their blog. The station has 160,000+ active visitors monthly!

For only $100, the magazine will write and publish a professional, fair and comprehensive review of your album/single on the website and promote it via social media.

For player embedding and external links, please request the Deluxe package for $200.00.

Over 300 satisfied customers are using their reviews in their EPKs and on their websites - you can, too!

Your review will be 500 words. For full albums, please order TWO.

As A Bonus... Receive:

  • 1 Song or 1 Commercial Submission
  • 30 Day Radio Campaign
  • 2-3 Spins Per Day
  • Social Media Campaign (3 Tweets Weekly)
  • 30 Day Rotating Banner Ad Campaign
  • Reach 100k+ Listeners & Social Media Fans
  • 1 Station Only (BDS Monitored/Licensed)

After you've made your payment send over music links to Include the artist name, twitter username, and track name. If we need anything further, we'll request it via e-mail.

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