SpinReports© Registration

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SpinReports© Registration


SpinReports.com | Registration Fee.

Registration With SpinReports.com Enables Artists To Receive Reports & Radio Distribution All Under One Platform. 

Your Annual Registration Includes:

  • Unlimited Radio Tracking Reports For 1 Year
  • Free E-mail Customer Support For 1 Year
  • Free Radio Play Courtesy of EAE Radio (30 Day Campaign)

As A Bonus...

We will send out a mailer to over 3,000 radio program directors within the USA! 

These radio stations are always looking for great talent no matter the genre! This opportunity is good for ALL Genres. We will send ONE song directly to the program directors of 3,000 digital, college and fm radio stations. The mailer goes DIRECTLY to them! So they will be the first to hear your music.

Purchasing your registration does not guarantee that all stations will play your song! The stations may or may not notify you when they play your music so make sure your song is tagged properly and social media links are correct. 

After registration is paid for, you must make sure to submit your music and bio information using the form here: spinreports.com/submit. 

If approved for distribution, the record label receives 30% of all revenue generated during campaigns. By using SpinReports.com, you will now be able to have a major label promoting side by side with you and your team.

For questions contact support@spinreports.com

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